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Company History

December 8, 2008,

Company History
shocker Toys was founded in 2000 as a sole proprietorship and invented the unique hyper articulated block action figure system known as the Shockini(s). Shocker Toys offices are Located in New Jersey, USA Phone (201)913-7027. As of 2004 Shocker Toys has become Incorporated. Shocker Toys manufacturers and markets Action Figures and licensed properties. The product/service is/will be sold or licensed to major toy distributors/retailers nationwide. Our market scope potentially encompasses a World Wide Market in the various products and services we provide. We currently sell our product(s) in the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Singapore, Hong Kong, Japan and Australia.

Product/Service Concept
Interchangeable 3 inch mini action figures are new concepts where all Products/Services tie together to form a unique experience for children (WITH UNIQUE FEATURES, ADVANTAGES, AND PRICE). Product/Service uniquely satisfies market demand for Game play/Media/Activities for children around the World. We also produce 6"-10" sculpted articulated licensed action figures based on rock bands, comic book characters and TV shows. We will also be selling franchised Kiosks for malls across the U.S. to sell the Shocker Toys products branded with the Shocker Toys worldwide known logo and brand logo(s).

Target Market
Our target market consists of ages 5-45 World Wide. This niche provides immediate marketing opportunity, and according to industry experts /and business media it will grow steadily/and rapidly for the foreseeable future.
Competitive Position.

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Product history

October 12, 2008, A run down of all the products Shocker Toys has produced over the years. a checklist for all the fans and pictures of actual production pieces of each item.Read more about Product history

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