Shocker Toys updates for September

September 4, 2009,

We have available and (IN STOCK) Indie Spotlight Series1 comic book heroes action figures The Maxx, Scud, Kabuki, Katchoo and ShadowHawk A little variety on the shelves is what keeps a store above the rest and this line falls perfect in between Marvel Legends and DC Direct with everyone's favorite Indie comics in action figure form. This line is only available direct through Shocker Toys and Haven Distribution, so act now as stock is moving fast. Let your local shop know their Diamond orders are no good for indie Spotlight and to re-order through the distributors mentioned above.

We also have a few SDCC exclusive Dick Tracy, Wizard translucent exclusive Maxx figures, Phantom Designer figs, Dethklok action figures and a Rockzo Designer fig along with some Blank DIY designer figures in black or white called Mallows.

Also coming soon Indie Spotlight series2 The Tick, Dick Tracy, Wildguard, King Zombie and Jack Staff. And in Mallow form My Pet Monster, Monster In My Pocket, Madballs, Sushi Pack and more.

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