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Mallows "The Marshmallow Themed kids figure"

January 30, 2010,

Mallows are a new 5” marshmallow themed designer figure featuring up to 10 points of articulation and up to 7 interchangeable parts with an oversized removable head. The toys are currently available at specialty shops, direct and at Hastings Entertainment stores.

They will be sold as licensed characters such as:
 *Madballs  *My Pet Monster  *Sushi Pack  *Monster in my Pocket  *Dragon Ball Z  *One Piece  *Johnny Test  *Inspector Gadget  *Indie comic book characters and many, many more.

This line will also include popular artist designs (blind boxed), customizable blanks and more.



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Indie Spotlight (comic book heroes) Action Figures

November 30, 2009,

Indie Spotlight (Comic book heroes): A popular growing 6" scale action figure series (3rd only among Marvel Legends and DC Universe) representing independent comic book characters. The toy line features collector friendly packaging and accessories.

Series 1 features: Jim Valentino’s ShadowHawk and ShadowHawk black costume variant, Rob Schrab’s 'SCUD, The Disposable Assassin' and the variant 'SOL', Terry Moore's Katchoo of "Strangers in Paradise", David Mack’s Kabuki, and MTV’s The Maxx (an 8 inch mega figure). Each figure in Series 1 or, "The Maxx Series" also includes an Isz, a small monster from the Maxx's world, with each figure. As an added bonus. upon collecting all of Series1 and mailing in the UPC's the customer can get a FREE mail away figure (Mr. Gone) from the Maxx's comic world.

Series 2 features: Dick Tracy and Dick Tracy with Tommy gun and overcoat, King Zombie (from "Deadworld") and a King Zombie variant, Jack Staff, Ignacia (from "Wildguard") and The Tick. Each figure in Series 2 or, "The Tick Series" also includes an accessory from the Tick's world. As an added bonus, upon collecting all of Series2 and mailing in the UPC's the customer can get a FREE mail away figure (Arthur) from the Tick's comic world.
Series 3 features: The Phantom, The Phantom variant, Grendel, Grendel variant, Zorro, Nira-X and Fist of Justice. 
Indie Spotlight Series1 (2 pack) Captain Action and Madman
Indie Spotlight Series2 (2 pack) Lazerman and Zen
(Soon In the works Indie Spotlight Comic Book Villains and Golden Age)

Indie Spotlight will feature 20+ pts of articulation in every 6 inch scaled figure. President of Shocker Toys, Geoff Beckett stated ”We want you to be able to recreate classic moments from your favorite comics so posability and accessories are key. Shocker Toys wants to have as close a relationship with the creators of each character as you have come to have over the years of reading their books, so our figures will reflect that. We also realize that Indy Spotlight will create it's own universe as it grows, so look for scale to play a big part in expressing the diversity from character to character with giant robots staring down super powered vixens and over muscled supermen going toe to toe with sickly creatures..we'll have it all!"


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Translucent Purple Maxx and Yellow SCUD *In Stock*!

January 21, 2009, Indie Spotlight Store exclusives Translucent purple Maxx and Translucent SCUD action figures are still available for order and in stock.Read more about Translucent Purple Maxx and Yellow SCUD *In Stock*!

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