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Best Toys for Boys and Girls 2020

We, the parents, can get easily lost among the newest trends of toys for kids. The fashions there change all the time. What was popular for Christmas will be old news come spring. How should we know if slime is still in? Do glittery unicorns still make every girl’s heart flutter? Can Ryan’s egg still cause screaming frenzy?

When looking for a gift we always want to make it unique and show our thoughtfulness, but not every good intention gets played with by today’s kids who have it all. Thankfully there are companies and market watchers who know where kids’ love is currently at, from toddlers to tweens.

It’s kind of good to know that LEGO is here to stay, and so are action figures, LOL Surprises, talking animals, slime kits, and V-tech toys. Some of the exciting newcomers include Osmo, Lumies, and #Snapstar. We are not forgetting Star Wars either, because how could we?

Here is a short list of some options that will make every kid happy no matter the occasion. And with ongoing quarantine and time away from school and friends, they might really deserve some of these:

Minecraft Mini-Figures

These little creations are dreamed about by many kids. They come in personal cubes and are very entertaining and provide material for imagination and exploring Minecraft world on their own. They are small and as such can be used for wars, live in wooden block castles, and swim in pools together with their little owners. This affordable collectable toy is available at many retailers and is sure to make every kid happy.

Minecraft Mini-Figures


Magnetic toys have been all the rage for a while, but Smartmax collection of magnetic animals is dedicated to the youngest players. The cute animals can be assembled and connected in many different ways making them long and funny. Some sets come with train cars for animals to ride in. Older players graduate to building pieces, stunt cars, power vehicles, and stick blocks.

Smartmax Collection

Ryan’s Mystery Eggs

Those are still desired everywhere. It is really all about the surprise and the chance to discover something unknown for kids. Each egg contains one or more surprises, depending on their size. Some eggs tell what to expect inside – cars, goo, squishy toys, or constructing material. Some Ryan’s toys are not even egg shaped, but they are still high in the surprise world. This gift is easy to choose and is guaranteed to be a hit.

Ryan’s World Surprise Mystery Eggs

LEGO gift card

This one is super easy to pick and a clear path to no gifting mistakes. Unless a child is your own, you will never know what LEGO sets they already have. Gift cards save parents returning trouble and allow kids to come to the store and pick exactly what they want from those enticing LEGO shelves.

LEGO Gift Card

V-tech toys

V-tech has been catering to the youngest players for years and they continue to do so with cute toys for tots. You can find animal trains, wiggle & crawl ball, push carousel aquarium, kiddie drums, and many more. All V-tech toys have early education elements, songs about colors and shapes, fun sounds, and knobs to turn. Some toys grow with kids, like a wiggle & crawl ball, which is scary at first, then fun to chase, and finally educational to learn shapes and colors with.

Vtech Toys

LEGO Ninjago series

This LEGO department is definitely rich and loved by boys. There are Ninjago fighters, soldiers, mummies, fantastic cars, motorcycles, and flying aircraft of all kinds. Most sets are doable by kids age 8 and younger and they don’t even need to see anything about Ninjas to have fun with fantastic Ninjago series.

LEGO Ninjago Series Toys

LEGO Friends series

These LEGO sets are created with girls in mind - beautiful colors, fantastic castles, mythical creatures, and gentle giants rule the scene, but you can also find more realistic scenarios of RV trip, friends at the beach, medieval castle adventures, tree houses, and splashy water parks. Most sets are for 7-12 years of age, but even younger ladies enjoy building LEGO Friends.

LEGO Friends Series Toys

LOL Surprise dolls

What Ryan’s world surprises are for boys, LOL Surprise eggs and boxes are for girls. There are special sets with multiple surprises inside. There is always a doll and various accessories and outfits to go with it. Little girls are all about collecting something small and showing it all off to friends, and LOL Surprise definitely provides some serious material for that. It also makes gift giving easy.

LOL Surprise Dolls