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Mallows DIY White (free shipping offer) Mallows DIY White (free shipping offer)
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The Mucus Tick (Idle Hands) (In Stock) The Mucus Tick (Idle Hands) (In Stock)
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Hunter Rose Exclusive *Limited* (Reserve This Item) Hunter Rose Exclusive *Limited* (Reserve This Item)
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For pre-orders through our website "Paypal" will deduct the amount from your credit card, checking or paypal account before items ship and you will receive a confirmation email from PayPal with a transaction number confirming your purchase and securing your figures within the production run. By pre-ordering you agree to prepay, secure and wait for your action figure to arrive even if there are delays. All pre-orders will ship once they are in stock and an email announcing they are shipping has been sent to you. In stock items ship at the end of every week and may take 5-7 business days from that time in the U.S. to arrive. Provide a valid email address with all of your orders and if you have placed a pre-order and have moved since ordering email to change your shipping address. Also if ordering items to be picked up at a show please bring the PayPal confirmation print out with you and I.D. to get your items. Please add email address in your system so our emails get past your spam filter.

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